Minimum Order Quantity is 21 pallets (Full container)

Wholesale Bottles USA for Wine Bottles

Your international source for your bottle needs, provides bulk supply of standard and custom bottles direct from the factory. Quality sells!  Get your quote now.

Wholesale Bottles USA has access to  6 production lines with daily capacity of 600,000 pcs and is adjustable for different specifications, and quality control.


Custom Orders

A custom bottle improves your image, Raises your sales price and Improves your sales. Our low minimums and cost ....


0% Net Financing

Whether new or established, when you place and order with us, we provide brokerage services at no cost .....


Shipping Brokerage

We provide international and domestic shipping brokerage services using certified carriers at competitive .......



We can provide storage of your inventory, on-demand shipping and lower your product costs at dramatic savings.....